itsa meee Sham!
Ahoy Shiny Happy People!

Shameema Dharsey is my name and I hail from beautiful, sunny, Cape Town in South Africa. Welcome to my website. Make yourself at home 🙂

I am a freelance artist, illustrator and bona-fide Cat Lady. My past experience has involved creating fun and dynamic art for educational children’s books in the South African publishing industry, as well as illustrating Early Learning material for an international audience.

I have self-published two comics on the beloved subject of my furball friends – ‘The Cat Lady and “And Life Goes on” ’.

Taking the scenes from my imagination and transforming them into living breathing text and image is wonderful, but long and hard work. My Cat Lady series and my personal artistic endeavours are a labour of love, and if you would like to contribute to the creation of more comics and illustration, as well as helping me sustain a career sharing my art with the world, please visit my Patron Page and consider becoming a Patron of the Arts. Not only will be you be helping me feed my cats Wobbles and Fluffy, but you’ll have that warm feeling of self-importance knowing that you indeed, are a certified Patron. And there are weekly exclusives!

If you would like to contact me to request a quote for commission work, to enquire about my artworks, to share cake recipes, to spread your sushi poetry, or any other comments or queries, please feel free to do so.

Thank you so much for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter below for free goodies and updates. I hope my art brings a smile to your face and a glow to your soul!

Au Revoir!



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