The Best Attitude is Gratitude




It can be a difficult world. Life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs and all arounds.
So when we’re at the bottom, or when we’re at the top, the best thing to remember is to be grateful for everything we have.

Ponder on these words and try and find gratitude in your Life, whether you’re up, or down.

Art therapy at it’s best!

Item Description:
Each purchase will come with a high quality 300 dpi PDF file as well as a JPEG.

© All designs, illustrations, typography and patterns are copyrighted by Shameema Dharsey.

This item is made specially for and only colouring in, please do not use it for any other crafts etc.
It is for Personal use only, so you are not permitted to sell anything using this design.All rights reserved, not for commercial usage.


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